The tour operator

After about 3 weeks of planning and extensive research we chose a company in Ecuador called EC Travel. We started booking at a local company here in NY, but the main problem we encountered was the fact that they only arranged pre-made tours that we could not arrange some of the hotels we wanted and the fact that we did not want to book a cruise.

Everything went on as expected, during our 4 months of planning and negotiation EC Travel, and Rafael were prompt, efficient and courteous.  We were very careful when choosing the operator, specially considering that we were sending money to a company and a person we did not know.

My advise, browse through travel forums like Trip advisor and other support places for referrals and other travellers advice.  EC Travel was recommended for us by several forums, but that does not mean they are the only good company in Ecuador.  However our experience was everything we wanted and expected in absolutely every way.  This blog is also a small testimonial that we offered them, as it is owned by a young ecuadorian entrepreneur and we believe in supporting this type of ventures.

To all you travelers out there, we hope this forum helps you in your Ecuador trips!


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