8. Guayaquil

Day 11 – Guayaquil

We decided to stay in this morning and enjoy the hotel.  Rafael told us we could go to Chordeleg and Gualaceo but we had enough of markets and driving by this point so we just enjoyed a nice morning in.

At 12 we checked out and started our trip down to Guayaquil.  This was a really scenic and beautiful ride as you can really feel as the vegetation and the weather changes!  Nevertheless for us it was a very scary trip as well, lots of very high cliffs in this zig zag two lane road was a lot to take!  Luckily we had Rafael on our side and he made it a smooth ride.

Barrio las Peñas

We arrived around 4 pm and checked in into our hotel.  Guayaquil is not my kind of city.  The heat was sofocating and it was noisy as hell.  However, we decided to go take a small tour of the Las Peñas neighborhood.  This recently restored place used to be one of Guayaquil’s most dangerous areas.  Thanks to restoration it is now called Pink Zone.  Not because its girly, but oddly enough because it is not a Red Zone but features restaurants, clubs and bars but no strip clubs hahaha.

Night view of Guayaquil

Rafael invited us for a lovely dinner in close to the lighthouse, of course John and I could not allow that and we went ahead and paid for ourselves.  This was our last night with him so we invited him a cup of coffee (John insisted in beer but Rafael said no) and talked for about 3 hours!  It was late now and we had an early flight to the Galapagos.


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