7. Cuenca

Day 10 – Cuenca

Cathedral at Cuenca

Cathedral at Cuenca

Oh Cuenca, Cuenca, what a city of contrast and tradition!  What a city of architecture and beauty!  We left early morning from Ingapirca and arrived to Cuenca at around 10 am.   We started our tour by visiting the Museo del Banco Central and the Museo de las Culturas.  We continued our way to the Cathedral which was increible on the outside with beautiful domes and a majestic architecture on the front, but I have to admit it was a bit dissapointing on the interior for what it promised to be from the outside.

Panama hat time!

Panama hat time!

We had lunch in a cozy restaurant in the Old town and walked around to a Panama Hat factory.  I honestly can say that I really thought Panama hats were from Panama!  Nevertheless here we learned the true story behind them :).  It was very interesteing to see how they did them in the old days and how the manufacturing process evolved up to today.  We bought this beautiful custom made hats and kept on walking around the Old town until Rafael said it was time to check-in at our hotel.

Another excellent option for our hotel: Hotel Victoria, a beautiful restored colonial house in the middle of “Calle Larga” one of Cuenca’s most emblematic streets right in the center of the Old Town.


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