6. Riobamba

Day 9 Riobamba – Chimborazo – Ingapirca

We slept almost from 7 pm last night so today was an early start.  Abraspungo is located in a very nice street and neighborhood so we went for a walk around the gardens until we had breakfast.  We got suited up and started our trip towards Chimborazo.  I think for me this was much better than Cotopaxi, it has a more untouched feeling to it and definately less crowded.  We were very lucky and had a great day, but Chimborazo kept hiding behind this cloud all the time!

Wild vicuna

Wild vicuna at Chimborazo

We stopped for taking pictures of some wild llamas and bam!  there it was, this 20702ft high colossus was, without any other words, breathtaking!  You really feel like in the middle of Nepal or something :).



Memorial stones at the shelter

We arrived to the parking lot that was already at the height of Cotopaxi’s first shelter (4800m) and we made a small climb up to (5100m).  One really scary thing though:  at the beginning of the walk there are a lot of memorials and rocks with names of people that have been lost while trying to climb Chimborazo, we paid our tributes and continued our way…

Alpinists descending from Chimborazo

On the way back the weather changed in two minutes, a very thick fog came down upon us and suddenly we could not even see 5 ft away.  It took us almost 45 minutes to back up what took about 10 minutes on the first place! Luckily, Rafael drove us safely out to the main highway and we were on our way to Palacio Real.

Llamas at Palacio RealPalacio Real is a community project in which they derive all the products from Llamas, it is pretty much a Llama amusement park hahaha, wild llamas walking, llamas turned into carpets, into lunch, into everything!  It was a nice treat but, being an animal junkie like me, it was very sad to see on one side the beautiful llama and in the other people eating llama meat :p.

We left for Ingapirca on a ride that was a bit long for my taste, the good thing is that we arrived at 4 pm right before they closed so we got a full private tour of the ruins for ourselves.  Make no mistake; this aint Machu Picchu but still, even though they are not so well mantained this ruins transport you into a totally different setting from the rest of the trip.



We then checked in to our other nice hotel called Posada Ingapirca.


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